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We, Kapoor Neuro Spine & Dental, situated at Majra, Dehradun, Uttarakhand have pioneered the concept of complete quality neurological care under a single roof with the assistance of our neurologists. We've had an inspirational journey of delivering efficient care to patients with the help of a dedicated and proficient team of professionals. Patient satisfaction has always been in our DNA. Healthcare is simplified like never before with our rich knowledge and experience, be assured of quality health service.


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Neurosurgery and Spine surgery

Neurosurgery and Spine surgery

Centre for advanced dental care

Centre for advanced dental care

Physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation


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Kapoor Neuro spine and dental introduces one of its kind Neurophysiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre in the centre of city. Managed by trained Neurophysiotherapy doctors having degree of BPT,MPT the centre provides latest infrastructure in physiotherapy and stroke Rehabilitation by HMS, the leading company in the country.. This is one stop solution for ailments like cervical pain and spasm, knee arthritis, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, plantar fascitis, disc problem, paralysis and Parkinson disease.

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I want to express my sincere appreciation for the prompt and professional care provided by the medical team.

Our experience with the facilities provided by the clinic was of the quickest and best.

The doctors and the entire team were truly aware and concerned regarding my state of health. Thanks for such a spontaneity.

Best doctor in dheradun for Neuro and spine problem Very kind doctor whoever\'s have problem with these please visit once.


Cervical problem is more of due to improper posture at work, with private jobs and long working hours making things difficult. Forward bending while working at desktop or mobile causes strain at cervical muscles, thereby leading to paraspinal muscle spasm. The cervical problem in young age is different from the one in elderly where degenerative changes with age lead to reduced diameter of cervical canal due to pressure of disc from front end and overlying fat from behind.
To keep ourselves safe from cervical pain, we need to make sure we adapt proper posture at work with avoidance of too much forward bending. Regular cervical extension exercises can help to keep extensor group of muscles strong.

Yes, obesity is a risk factor for disc related problems. Obesity leads to reduction in muscle mass and increase in muscle fat, thereby reducing overall strength to bear weight. Every 5-10 years of life we add more of fat in muscle area thereby reducing actual muscle fibres. Bad posture with too much of forward bending, lack of physical exercises then leads to more of strain on disc and facet joints, thereby starting the degenerative changes. We advise one hour of regular walking or physical exercises to begin with, and later supplementing with core and back strengthening exercises and limiting high calorie intake.

Yes spine surgery for slipped disc is absolutely safe. The last few years of medical advancements have provided various approaches for safe spine surgery, from open to microscopic to now endoscopic surgery. The procedure involves reaching the space between two adjacent vertebra and taking out compressing element of disc. The surgery can be performed on day care basis, with patient getting discharge the same day. Moreover, patients can get back to routine physical activities right up after surgery due to smaller incisions.

Brain tumor can have varied symptoms depending upon location of tumor. Headache is the predominant symptom and can wake up the patient from sleep. Gradually the headache can involve all around the head and can persist throughout the day. Rise in pressure within the brain can cause impaired balance in walking, blurring of vision, increasing sleepiness, and coma later on. Deviation of face to one side, weakness in one half of body, coughing on having meals(choking), nasal regurgitation of food, drooping of eyelid, loss of memory, irrelevant talking, difficulty in understanding speech, hearing impairment are some other relevant complaints in patients of brain tumor.

Stroke is an acute phenomena caused due to either blockage of a blood vessel in brain causing cessation of blood supply or rupture of blood vessel causing brain hemorrhage. Patients can have varied symptoms depending upon type of stroke. Ischemic stroke patient usually presents with sudden onset facial deviation, slurring of speech and limb weakness, mostly on one side. This can occasionally be accompanied by inability to speak or understand voice, episode of unconsciousness and vomiting. Brain hemorrhage has more acute and severe onset with occasionally patients turning to deep coma all of a sudden after severe headache. Limb weakness on one side, facial deviation, speech impairment, giddiness and impaired gait are some of the other features at presentation.

There are two sort of risk factors for stroke- modifiable and non modifiable. Modifiable factors are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, sedentary life style, lack of physical activities, diabetes, smoking, recurrent TIA, heart disease and excess of alcohol. Non modifiable factors are gender, old age, genetics and race. So to prevent stroke one needs to have a healthy life style with 30-45 minutes of daily walking or physical activities, stay away from obesity, high cholesterol levels, keep a regular check on blood pressure and blood sugar values, avoid excess alcohol and smoking. Regular health check up can help one in early identification of risk factors.

More FAQ's

Neurosurgeon FAQ's

  1. Glioma
  2. Posterior fossa tumor
  3. Meningioma
  4. Cerebello-pontine (CP angle) angle tumours
  5. Pituitary tumors
  6. Epidermoid, Dermoid tumours
  7. Skull base tumours
  8. Tumours of orbit
  9. Pineal gland tumours
  10. Nasopharyngeal tumour with intra cranial extension
  11. Intra-ventricular SOL

  1. Intra-medullar tumours
  2. Neurofibroma
  3. Neurofibroma
  4. Meinogioma
  5. Ependymoma
  6. Melanoma
  7. Hemangioblastoma
  8. Abscesses
  9. Epidermoid – Dermoid
  10. Arachnoid cyst
  11. Extra medullary intra-dural tumours

  • Metastasis
  • Primary Neoplasm of spine

  • Aneurysm, Clipping, coiling, balloon occlusion
  • Arterio-venous malformation
  • Moya Moya Disease
  • Spontaneous intracranial haemorrhage surgery (All brain haemorrhages)

Orthodontist FAQ's

Orthodontics is the first speciality of dentistry .It deals with diagnosis and treatment of malpositioned teeth and jaws and also with the preventive measures to avoid this malposition.It is also concerned with modification or redierection of facial growth known as dentofacial orthopedics.
An orthodontist is a specialist dentist who deals with prevention and correction of mal alignment of teeth and jaws.

Ideally orthodontic treatment should begin before all of your adult teeth have come but if you are late then don’t worry,there are orthodontic treatment options for adults too.

You need orthodontic treatment if you have any of the below problems
  1. Crowding-malalignment or overlapping of teeth.
  2. Spacing-gaps or spaces between teeths.
  3. Underbite-insufficient overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  4. Overbite-excessive overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  5. Crossbite-reverse overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  6. Pain-chronic jaw pain.

Generally braces don’t hurt. After a few visits when teeth start moving ,a bit of soreness may be felt which can be relieved by pain medications. After a few visits almost every patient feels comfortable with braces.

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