Dr.Taruna Puri Kapoor

Prof. Orthodontics

Professor at Uttranchal Dental and Medical research Institute.
20 years of clinical experience in dentistry.


Working Hours

  • Dehradun
    • Kapoor Neuro spine and dental
      Mayfair Business Park, Majra,
      Saharanpur road, Dehradun, 248171.
      Monday - Saturday 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
      +91 9914 207 752
  • Visiting Colsultant (Orthodontics)
    • Laxmi Dental Clinic,
      Rispana Bridge, Dehradun.
    • Bansal Dental Clinic,
      Chaman Vihar, Dehradun.
    • Vohra Dental Clinic,
      Laxmi Road, Dalanwala,


Dr.Taruna is a qualified Orthodontist from the prestigious Govt Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad. She has obtained extensive training and experience in treating unpleasant smiles and faces, teeth irregularities, abnormal jaw growth, invisible braces and children with cleft lip and palate with high quality braces and providing maximum comfort to the patient. She has received specialized training of Lingual orthodontics (invisible braces) and clear aligners which are rather preferred now a days due to better cosmetic appearance, especially in youngsters. For last 15 years she has been practicing dentistry and takes pride in bringing out the best results in her patients. Dedicating sufficient bit of time to know the complaints the patient has allows a doctor to address the situation appropriately and she makes it a point to hear well and discuss the treatment modalities. For last few years she has been working as Faculty in a leading dental college of city and this has given an opportunity to gain professional expertise to core. She also has over 15 publications in various national and international journals. She is trained and practiced in orthodontics, which is a branch specialised for dental braces and treating malocclusion. The treatment paradigms are varied and include preventive, interceptive, and corrective treatments. Integrating newer technology into her practice helps to reach desired results in patients.
At Kapoor Neuro Spine Dental she takes the initiative of bringing in a comprehensive dental clinic in the heart of city with wide amalgamation of facilities for optimum results. The facility has 02 dental chairs from Confident company which is a leading brand in India for last few decades. The armamentarium also includes portable X ray by Genoray, computerised X ray by RVG and hand drill machine. The clinic is one stop solution for all dental ailments including braces,RCT, Filling, dentures, extraction and minor surgical procedures, dental whitening, scaling, crown and bridge application and dental implants.


  • Year of passing: May 2013
  • University: Gujarat University
  • College: Government Dental College and Hospital,Ahmedabad. Guide : Dr..Dolly Patel, Dean, AMC Dental college, Ahmedabad.
  • Got selected in MDS also through All India Entrance Examination. All India rank no 41.
  • Got selected in BDS through merit. Year of passing: October 2007 University: Gujarat University College: Government Dental College and Hospital,Ahmedabad.
  • Scored 100 marks in Mathematics in Std 10th.
  • Scored 90 percent marks in science subjects in Std 12th.
  • Had a very good exposure of general dentistry during BDS course.
  • Had done all types of cases i.e extractions, root canal treatments, crown and bridge work, fillings, complete dentures, partial dentures ,flap surgery, scaling etc
  • Got Rank 41 in All India Pre PG Exam.
  • Had done over 300 orthodontics cases during post graduate tenure.
  • Had done over 700 s cases post PG which included a whole variety of cases such as extraction, non extraction, ceramic cases, cleft cases, interdisciplinary cases etc.
  • Have 12 international publications in indexed journals.
  • Topped the Phase II i.e theory exam of Indian Board Of Orthodontics.

Orthodontics is the first speciality of dentistry .It deals with diagnosis and treatment of malpositioned teeth and jaws and also with the preventive measures to avoid this malposition.It is also concerned with modification or redierection of facial growth known as dentofacial orthopedics.
An orthodontist is a specialist dentist who deals with prevention and correction of mal alignment of teeth and jaws.

Ideally orthodontic treatment should begin before all of your adult teeth have come but if you are late then don’t worry,there are orthodontic treatment options for adults too.

You need orthodontic treatment if you have any of the below problems
  1. Crowding-malalignment or overlapping of teeth.
  2. Spacing-gaps or spaces between teeths.
  3. Underbite-insufficient overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  4. Overbite-excessive overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  5. Crossbite-reverse overlap between upper and lower teeth.
  6. Pain-chronic jaw pain.

Generally braces don’t hurt. After a few visits when teeth start moving ,a bit of soreness may be felt which can be relieved by pain medications. After a few visits almost every patient feels comfortable with braces.

Avoid hard to chew food that might damage your braces (like candy, apples, caramel, or corn on the cob) or may be difficult to clean out of braces (like caramel, gum and popcorn). It is also advisable to avoid sugary or acidic foods which will be more difficult than usual to clean off your teeth. Clear braces can become stained by some foods like beetroot, curry etc.

For minor changes, orthodontic treatment can take as short as 6 months but for the majority of patients, braces will stay on for between 6 months and 2 years. We can give you a more accurate estimate after we examine you clinically.